Tin Pan Alley Festival…. it's free!

Calling itself, “The best all day FREE street festival in the heart of London”, The Tin Pan Alley Festival is back on Sunday July 16th .

Over 6000 people attended in 2005 with 650 people signing up to the Shelter campaign.
The festival takes place between 11am and 9pm on Denmark Street, London, and the following bands have already confirmed with more to be added shortly.

Vincent Vincent and the Villains (link),

F O Machete (link),

The Holloways (link)

Kalev (link)

Louie (link)

Les Incompetents (link)

This month the team also welcomes MySpace as one of its supporters.

“It was a real privilege for us to play at the Tin Pan Ally festival last
year, it was the first festival we'd ever headlined. It felt amazing to play
in a small street in the middle of London in summer, and looked so cool
seeing the crowd stretch back down the street. The atmosphere of the day was great to be part of, everyone just chilling out taking in the music, in a street that vibrates with music” The Subways Charlotte Cooper

“I love the Tin Pan Alley Festival as it goes against all conventional music
industry wisdom and shows that you don't have to follow the rule book. It brings together an incredible combination of bands to play for a good cause, in the middle of London. It's fantastic! It's a true Street party. I've been involved in them all so far and I hope it runs forever!” Xfm DJ John Kennedy

Further info can be found at the website addresses below.

Website: link

MySpace: link

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