CAPULET + Axis Dynide play Retro Bar

July 12th, Retro Bar. CAPULET + Axis Dynide. £4, 7.30pm.

'Capulet' appear to lull their listeners into a false sense of security
from the beginning. Long passages of minimal sound and barely detectable intent often precede explosive changes in timing and atmosphere, playful melodies and unpredictable structures allied to sporadic singing.

The band formed in 2004, catalysed by the split of two other bands,
'Lets Not Lose Mars To The Commies' and 'Rebekah'. In their new formation Steven Hodgson (drums), Adam Crosby (guitar), Adam Hartley (guitar/vox) and Gareth Canny (bass) set about constructing early material.

This was more traditional in scope, sticking with verse/chorus structures, but as the band have progressed the vocals have diminished, and the structures blown apart. You find yourself waiting on every note, they are mastersnot only of sound, but of its absence. In such a short time scale, their accelerated evolution has propelled them
into the live scene with vitriol, laying claim to support slots with 'Biffy
Clyro', 'Mono' and 'Oceansize', of which Steven Hodgson is also currently drumming for.

Over this time Capulet have self-released two CD’s, ‘Say What You See’
EP (2004) and ‘No Time Spoke The Clocks’ EP (2005), and are now set to consolidate their work to date with their first studio record on
motivesounds recordings, ‘The World Is A Tragic Place, But There Is Grace All Around Us, So Attend To The Grace’. Recording took place in December, with the LP scheduled for release through Shellshock (Pinnacle) on the 3rd of July.

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