Wolfmother competition!

With a new single out on the 17th July, the brilltastic Wolfmother have been busy bees setting up a new teaser website, here link, where you can record your own interpretation of the video for the single, win Reading tickets and stills from the original video and also have the chance to appear in an exclusively made Wolfmother online video…(!)With such a lot to see and do, the team here at Glasswerk thought it was about time we got in on the competition frenzy!

So, if you would like to win a Wolfmother tee shirt (and I know I would), please answer the following question…

How many teeth does the adult grey or red wolf have?

Answers on a postcard please to: mail
Please state in the subject line that it is the Wolfmother Competition.

The first two correct entries will receive a Wolfmother tee shirt (please state whether you would prefer a medium or a large in your email).

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