Hip Hop Now?

Island Records Group has announced the launch of 'Pressin' the first dedicated Hip Hop and RnB download store from a major UK label.

The site will allow the urban music consumer to purchase the latest downloads, videos and ringtones from Universal Motown and selected Geffen artists as they become available in the USA.

This is a unique service which targets the media savvy urban market, who, through publications such as XXL and the Source, and with the rise of internet radio, have Hot 97 in their vocabulary and want to purchase
the music they hear immediately. Pressin therefore seeks to fill this void, and provide a much needed service to an audience who are largely neglected by UK majors.

Artists featured on the site include Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne, Remy Ma, and Yummy Bingham amongst others, and this will continue to expand and include much lesser known artists.

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