After Wrongdezvous cataclysmic launch last month, the wrongness returns in less than 2 weeks with another staggering line-up. Once again the focus is on a glorious amalgamation of differing music styles and the most important aspect, lashings and lashings of wrong behaviour!

Headlining are the Scouse folk heroes The Zutons, who swagger towards the academy for a very rare dj set from Boyan and Russel. 2006 has been a great year for the band, their second opus ‘Tired of Hanging Around’ securing their status as one of the freshest and most exciting band of our times. The year has also been very good for the multi-national Guillemots, who bagged a mercury prize nomination for the ‘Through the Windowpane’ and Wrongdezvous forms as the official after-party for their gig, they will also be doing a very special dj set.

Liverpool’s answer to The Streets, the scally urban wordsmith Riuven also stars live, as do local upstarts Pat & Nipsy, Peter and the Wolf and The Fahrenheits. From over the water we are joined by The Laze, one of the best bands around at the moment. Club NME’s fantabulous Broken Hooker DJs round off the room with their typically rowdy selection of finger tapping hip snapping loveliness.

In the rave space we have Acid house legends DJ Pierre and Roy Davis Jr will be doing an extremely rare b2b set as part of the tour for Pierre’s brand new Wild Acid opus. Despite 20 years of wild pitch madness the album will be Pierre’s first, featuring a series of hotly anticipated collaborations, of which Roy is one. The acid house spirit which served as such an inspiration for Wrongdezvous is represented here. Talking of inspiration, one of the godfathers of the wrong movement Tim Sheridan, of Nastydirtysexmusic and Very Very Very Wrong Indeed fame, offers his unquivering support with his usual barrage of wonky house and shimmering electro. And the freak show vibe is backed up joyously by Mark Barnes, the supremo behind Wrexham’s Freak, the best thing to come out of Wales since women threw their knickers at a perma-tanned Love god. Word.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the basement features the second leg of Aztec’s birthday celebrations, with Matthew Dear rulng the roost under his Audion guise. He’s backed up by M_Nus stalwart and uber-minimal sound lord Troy Pierce, alongside the local mainstays of Alcatraz lynchpin Bill Heckle and Aztec resident Jemmy. The perfect combination of the exciting cutting edge of modern techno’s producers with Liverpool’s freshest talent.

But, the music only tells part of the story, wrongdezvous will again be indulging in the tomfoolery and insane madness that defines the concept. As it's the month of horror, Wrongdezvous celebrates the art of the freak with the Wrongdezvous Freakshow! If the music gets too much, why not see who's the ultimate at word association in the Midgets mallet’s mallet competition? Keep your wits about you; you don't wanna be hit by a 3 foot man! Also be sure to get some visual stimulation and take a peek at the Wrongdezvous freak museum where we've picked up some seriously strange characters for you to marvel at. If you're really wrong yourself, then why not step up alongside and get in with the wrong crowd?

‘If you’re not wrong, you don’t belong’……

October 20th Liverpool Carling academy
£11adv 18+ Doors 10pm


Look out for our special competition where we have a pair of pases to give away!

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