Switch on to Switches!

SWITCHES…. music to fall in love to, dance to, shake your head to, shake your feet to, make some toast to, count to two hundred and twenty two to, clap your hands to, snap your cards to, drink a drink to, pull a sickie to, get dressed to, get undressed to, snd a txt msg 2, make a friend to, travel to texas and drink beer to, make a phone call to canada to…

Just over a year ago, Glasswerk hosted Art Brut, the Hot Puppies and Illustrated Youth at The Cartoon – a show that went down in history.

February 2007 sees new pretenders to the throne. SWITCHES are widely tipped to be one of the big names of the year. Already toured with The Rakes, loved by the NME, bringing them to The Black Sheep bar is a great coup.

Tickets are only £5 in advance and this is another show that will sell out, so don't be disappointed and get yours now



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