Win Stuff

January is here and we are having a new year clear-out. For all the people who have sent us promotional material over the past year thank you very much. Greatly appreciate your bundles of joy. However, we receive so much junk in the post that it is impossible to find a home for it all. This stuff includes CDs, stickers, beer mats, posters and fanzines.

Now Head Office is a complete junk yard of stuff, rather than fill a dumpster, we would like to offer you the chance of having it in your home, or place of work.

This competition, as such, has no question and answer. All you need to do is send us an email. I'm sure we have enough to go around everyone but first come first served. Postage is free, so just send us a valid email address and a postal address and we'll do the rest. You never know, it may be worth something in a few (hundred) years.

This 'competition runs only til the end of January. To enter the 'competition' click here mail or email editor @ glasswerk .co .uk

This 'competition' is open to staff also.

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