Lets get Koopa in the charts

Essex band Koopa are bidding to continue Glasswerk's impressive run of bands who have played Glasswerk nights then gone on to enjoy chart success.

Blag, Steal and Borrow has landed at #17 in the midweek charts, and while indie music notoriously slides downhill at the end of the week, when the pop-kids go out and spend their pocket money, there is a good chance they will hold on to a top-40 placing, and in doing so will be following in the footsteps of such luminaries as The Arctic Monkeys and Art Brut.

Get your copy now by texting 'KOOPA' to '81330'. For more information, or to order by credit card, see: link. (If you are outside the UK, you can only purchase by card). I've done it, and so should all of you!

A percentage of profits from the single go to Teenage Cancer Trust, so it's for a good cause..

Koopa will be playing a Glassswerk gig again on february 28th at the Islington bar Academy, when they support OPM, the US skate-punks who brought you the smash-hit Heaven is a Half-pipe.


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