Voodoo Six in Camden this Friday

One of the Uk's most exciting new rock bands come to the Purple Turtle on Friday, to celebrate their Japan album release on Universal.

This promises to be one of the best gigs at the Purple Turtle in 2007 – a bold statement for the second week of January…

Doors are at 7.30pm and they healdine at 10.15pm. Turn up on the door (£6) or buy tickets cheap in adavnce from link


Why are they called Voodoo Six, when there are only five in the band?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Youve heard it all before. Young British band starts up, press all the right buttons when it comes to buzz influences, and then the truth dawns, actually, they're lame suck asses. So, why should we feel any different about Voodoo Six? Because they actually make no bold claims. They're just prepared to let the music do the talking (rock n roll cliché number 87a), correction, do the shouting. And you lot had better listen, or risk missing out on a helluva band, one that may not change the shape of rock as we know it, but certainly aim to add a quality stamp to the 21st century, one thats both timely and timeless.

Come on, why are they called Voodoo Six??

So, who the hell are this paragon of polydecibel promise? Meet bassist Tony Newton. Meet guitarist Richie Faulkner. They're the guys who started this dream in the Summer of 03, following Newton's brief sojourn in Los Angeles, where he worked in a production capacity with some top names. This experience fired him up to get together a line-up blessed with the right values to make an impact the size of the cosmos, rather than settling for a brief flirtation with superficial acclaim.

Now Newton and Faulkner have got together an army who burn rather than flicker. On drums, meet Dave 'Grav' Cavill. On vocals, meet Henry Rundell, the man who ended a painstaking search for the right singer to carry the weight of this band upfront. Typically, these Londoners were never prepared to settle for a frontman just short of the mark. It was perfection or bust and how many modern faces have the patience, the focus and the confidence to do that? And the line-up is completed by a second guitarist. Meet Matt Pearce, the final piece that allows the boys to do the Voodoo they do so well (as someone once said).

So, where's the sixth member???

Now, everythings aligned. And the fivesome havent exactly been idle. Last year, for instance, they got the chance to play with the legendary Iron Maiden at the celebrated Hammersmith Apollo in London. Unphased by the magnitude of the occasion, they more than held their own. They're also no strangers to the club circuit, working up a healthy sweat, and tightening their chops, in front of the most demanding fans around hard rock aficionados.

In June they face another batch of prestigious tests, at some of the biggest festivals found anywhere in Europe. They're at Donington for the Download Festival on June 11, when Guns n Roses headline. Theyre at the Download Festival in Dublin on June 9, when GNR will again be headlining. Prior to all of that, they play the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park Festivals in Germany on June 3 and 4, respectively, alongside giants like Metallica, Rammstein, In Flames and Soulfly. Taking on that sort of challenge, you'd better be able to match the world class musicianship that'll swirl all around. But Voodoo Six are more than ready to step on the gas, and raise their game.

What about that sixth person????

On August 21, the band release debut album, Feed My Soul through White Knuckle/Filthy Lucre Recordings, with the single Crawl coming out on July 10 (both on CD and as a digital download). Before all of that, check out the song Feed My Soul itself, available as a download for two weeks only from June 6 6/6/6! Strutting with the devil, eh? Well, he's always had the best tunes. And Century, another track from the album, is to be available as a free download (again from June 6) via the band's website, link, to all mailing list subscribers.

Yes, but there are only five here?????

OK, now comes your bit. We could tell you that, stylistically, they've been compared to Audioslave, Alice In Chains, Guns n Roses, Nirvana and AC/DC. But so what? When someone first tried to describe the taste of beer, or the sensation of shagging, did you just take their word and move on? No, you wanted to try it for yourself. Same here. Yes, you've heard the hype on 1038 occasions already this year, and every time there's been nothing to back it up. But, does that mean the 1039th time isn't THE ONE? Hell, no! How much effort will it take to listen to Voodoo Six, and make your own mind up? Maybe just maybe you're about to experience a landmark moment in rock n roll. Fancy taking the easy path and missing out? Your call

So, come on, tell us who is the sixth member of Voodoo Six??????

Answer: you, your mates, and everyone into classy hard rock. Simple, isn't it?

Malcolm Dome (TotalRock Radio/Classic Rock magazine)

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