Eavis On Glastonbury

Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis has confirmed several major bands who will appear at this year's bash, according to NME.com.

The festival boss announced that Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire will be playing the bash which takes place between June 22 and 24.

When asked if there was a chance that both bands could play this year, Eavis told us: “Well, you're lucky there then, I can tell you that.”

He also strongly hinted that the Sunday night headliners on the Pyramid Stage were a renown heritage act and subsequently The Who have said they are set to headline the event.

“It might be their very last gig,” Eavis explained. “I don't know, they're teasing us saying it might be their last show, I'm so excited about it.”

As previously reported, Bjork is also among the other acts that Eavis has confirmed early for this year's festival.

Lily Allen and Hot Chip have also both announced they will be playing Glastonbury this year. Speaking at the Big Day Out Festival in Australia this weekend, Allen said “You can expect to see me there… I am supposedly playing”, while Hot Chip's Joe Goddard said his band had been booked, adding: “I don't know where or when, what stage or whatever… I can't wait for it”.

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