Cold War Kids Gig Cut Short

The Cold War Kids were forced to cut short a private gig in London last night after the management cut them short.

The Californian four-piece were two songs into a set watched by Meg White, Alex Turner, 'The Mighty Boosh''s Noel Fielding, Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss at Camden's Proud Galleries, when the plug was pulled on the band by the venue's management.

A spokeswoman for the band said: “It all kicked off on arrival when the Cold War Kids were told they had only 10 minutes to play. They set up swiftly, played two songs before management cut off Nathan (Willet)'s vocals. They managed to belt out two more songs instrumentally before bouncers loomed in and quite literally kicked the band off stage.”

A spokesman for promoters of the gig, Another Music = Another Kitchen, revealed that the plug was pulled because of a midnight curfew at the club.

He added: “It all went off because the band didn't get there until just before midnight. Because of the curfew the gig was pulled after two songs although they did try and carry on playing.”

The venue could not be contacted for comment.


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