Soft Hearted Scientists - Light Years To Nothing
Album Review

Soft Hearted Scientists – Light Years To Nothing

Around the time of ‘Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine’ Cosmic Rough Riders may temporarily have been the best band in the world, and with ‘Siberia’ it seemed as if Soft Hearted Scientists had set out to recreate the Scots brilliantly blissful harmonies. But unfortunately with this latest single SHS have got stuck firmly up their own arses.

This is hippy bollocks right from the first line of “The two of us lay on the hill, and silently stared in to infinity” and it doesn’t even threaten to get better at any point. If this is trying to be Cosmic Rough then it fails massively due to the lack of killer chorus and if its trying to do the same joyous hippy thing that Polyphonic Spree did so well on ‘The Beginning Stages Of…’ then it lacks any of that band’s charm and warmth.

The trouble with this is it seems so earnest, if it was a Spinal Tap style piss take then maybe this could have been decent but it seems to be attempting to create a spiritual, festive sound but comes across as confused, pretentious and dull. It’s like a real life version of the ‘A Mighty Wind’ spoof, and that really shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

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