Pigeon Detectives - Im Not Sorry
Album Review

Pigeon Detectives – Im Not Sorry

I’m Not Sorry, the latest single from The Pigeon Detectives offers another predictable slice of Northern Indie Rock. Judging how far we are into the so called “New Rock Revolution”, we are at a stage now where any band from Yorkshire with half a song can get a record contract, if the Arctic Monkeys are Steps: The Pigeon Detectives are Scooch; predictable and very tired.

I’m Not Sorry is an OK song; basically garage rock and almost post punk guitars with Hard-Fi style vocals. Musically they are pretty good, the lyrics need a lot of work mind you and the constant repetition of I’m Not Sorry gets tiresome very quickly.

The Pigeon Detectives seem to have made stirling work lovingly putting together all the bits of popular indie bands from The Strokes, Editors, Arctic Monkeys and Hard-Fi together into one big rock pie, however, the end result is like a Mr Kipling bakewell left in the sun: flimsy and fit for the bin. Get some of your own ideas lads and perhaps you might last more than 5 minutes in an already over-crowded music scene.

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