Maximo Park – Books From Boxes

Having followed upon the thrusting, feet-shuffling ‘A Certain Trigger’ with the more winding, slower vocal concealing 2nd album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’, Maximo Park have build a reputation for being able to mix moods and uplift souls. This single is the jewel in the crown of the latter mentioned full-length, being inspired by Dusty Springfield’s obituary. Paul Smith delivers his earthy, but sincere vocals from a backdrop led by springing, light guitars with a 70s kick. He rescinds a loving relationship with the rugged authority of many a pub tale. Maximo Park continue to keep it real, but provide enough of an escapism plane through their instrumental roving.

A departure from the usual powerful jumpy jittery indie rock that typified the Maximo Park ‘sound’ on their debut album, the second single ‘Books From Boxes’ from the Park’s latest album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’ sees the Park go all folksy and chilled on us. Hardcore fans needn’t worry though, as the softer side of the band helps prove them as far more than merely competent songwriters, and lead singer Paul Smith’s lyrics create an emotive and visual narrative to the bands floating and upbeat rhythms.

This song is undeniably catchy and its slightly more accessible and poppy sound may well aid Maximo Park in the attracting the ears of those who have so far yet to catch on. The single forms part of an altogether more developed and accomplished sound from the Park on, what is for some, the difficult second album. Indeed, it’s songs like ‘Books…’ that demonstrate the band’s aptitude and ability for venerable songwriting. Fortunately, having said all that and to the relief of old and new fans alike, the sound is still indisputably Maximo Park.

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