Tiga - Sexor (Collector’s Edition)
Album Review

Tiga – Sexor (Collector’s Edition)

“Electro-pop man’s dance album takes charts by storm!”

No, not a headline about Calvin Harris from the newest NME, but the headline that those lovely people at Different Recordings clearly envisaged when they had the idea of releasing this album of remixed Tiga songs on the back of his young Scottish counterpart’s recent success. The newly-added second disc is jammed full of songs remixed to resemble Mr Harris’ output – yet it is hardly just a copycat album. Though the reason for its release is painfully transparent, ‘Sexor – The Collector’s Edition’ is, annoyingly, really good.

Perhaps leaning more towards your average club tune that the indie rock scene, the remix CD still contains influences from both sides of the market, and the best tracks ‘(Far From) Home’ and ‘E Talking’ could grace the stereo systems of many a club and go down well.

The album itself is very diverse, yet I can’t help but think this is down to the talent of the DJs and not the original material. Still, no matter how good the LP may be, there are too many similar artists out there at the minute who’re just…better.

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