Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy
Album Review

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Down Boy

Amateur photographer and ranging guitarist, Nick Zinner uses his chance to shine, as provocateur Karen-O steps down in vocal projection and is almost suffocated by the psychedelic riffs and clanging percussion. She scatters her range more sparsely and soulfully initially, before her catty gnarl takes over and she takes control with her customary poise. This single draws out the two farthest points in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ range. At times, Karen-O is slow and swooning and the instrumentals match this, the next moment an in-yer-face kick is instilled and a throatiness grips onto the vocals, as their ruggedness is borne out with pride.

This is the lead track from the forthcoming EP ‘Is Is’ (RELEASED 23/7/07), a collection of old songs that were penned in 2004. However, it still represents the YYY’s current spirit and is sure to continue the trend that EPs have been very good for this American trio.

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