Make Model Interview

After being impressed by their debut single ‘The LSB’, Ant Standring caught up with Gordon from Make Model for a quick chat and find out a little more about the Glaswegian sextet.

1. I start by asking about their somewhat indistinct name. What’s it refer to exactly?

It's about the fascination in today's society with regard to branded goods and commercialism etc. What sort of shoes are those? What car do you drive? How many gigabytes is your iPod?

2. In order to pinpoint any key influences on the bands sound, I ask if there were any key bands that may’ve instigated your music making process to unfold.

My mum got me started on playing music and I learned the piano from the age of 5. As for making up songs, Radiohead were probably my first big inspiration. Something about the intricacies of their beautiful, catchy music captivated me and left me in awe. More recently though, The Flaming Lips, Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads and the Broken Social Scene have been reference points.

3. I persist with the influence theme and ask if there are there any bands they’d like to use for sniper rifle practice? Any bands you could do without?

I'm not a violent man, but for fantasy purposes, Red Hot Chili Peppers. They're nice guys and all but really, lay it to rest fellas. They should have been put down after Californication.

4. MM have been stirring it up on the live circuit recently and so I’m curious as to whether they have any favourite venues that they really enjoy playing?

Festivals are usually the best – the whole package is more geared for fun! The people are happy (drunk), the bands are relaxed (drunk) and the weather is brilliant (for about an hour). The Latitude and Indian Summer festivals were highlights this year.

5. I close by asking what they might get up to when they’re not being musicians?

A wide variety of things because there's six of us and we have different interests. At least one of us will be on a bender. Anything from watching bad 80's action movies to looking at bad 14th century frescoes.

Given that these are the early stages of what should be a great career for Make Model, I recommend you try to go see them soon, catch them and their fresh energy at the upcoming shows listed below.

2nd Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire.
3rd Glasgow Barfly.
11th Beauly Belladrum Festival.
24th Leeds Carling Weekend.
26th Reading Carling Weekend.

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