Mexican Institute of Sound - Piñata
Album Review

Mexican Institute of Sound – Piñata

Piñata begins like this, a door eerily creaks open, a doorbell rings and footsteps quicken. Then suddenly a scream highlights the end of the introduction to the Mexican Institute of Sound’s album, Piñata.

The rest of the record transports you to a laid back Mexican bar where a multitude of instruments, voices and sounds come together to form easy listening vibes. It would have been the perfect sound for summer! But since we haven’t had one yet, use this record to help you be somewhere else…just for an hour or so!

This album is a grower, it may not be so appealing to put on some foreign sounds to begin with but give it time. It is the perfect background music to a barbecue or drinks with friends, not too heavy, but has a special something that will catch people’s attention.

So grab your sombrero, your poncho and your maracas and get shimmying to this stonker of a record. You wont regret it!

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