Glasswerk Captures The Konvict!

Akon’s recent performance at the KFest concert gave the gossip hungry tabloids something new to talk about when he threw a booing fan off of the stage and into the crowd (maybe he wanted to see how strong he was?). Kid hurling contest aside, the Senegalese singer won music fans over with his debut ‘Trouble’ and sophomore CD ‘Konvicted,’ a title which was influenced by his dark and gloomy past (he served time for grand theft auto before kicking his music career into shape). If Trouble was Akon’s ode to redemption, Konvicted picks up at rebirth. His mission now is to reinvent himself through his salvation – music. Bertan Budak

Yo! Akon – Are you ready for GLASSWERK’s quick fire round?

Sure dude, fire away!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A cup of tea

What’s your favourite club?

A club back at home called Visionz

What would you rather be – too wet or too dry?

Too wet

If you could put laxatives in someone’s tea, whose would it be and why?

[He laughs] That’s funny! Probably Flava Flave’s because I would just love to see how he would react!

Amy Winehouse – legend, mediocre or crap?

I don’t have a clue. I heard the name all over the place but I haven’t actually heard her music.

What’s your favourite movie?


When’s the last time you had an argument?

I can’t remember. Nothing recently.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?


And the most important question of all – what’s better, McDonalds or Burger King?

Oh – That is a hard one. I’d have the say Burger King because I like their fries.

Me to! So you recently performed at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. How did you find our adoring UK fans?

It was crazy; I love the fans over here. They have a different aurora and mind state and I feel as though, even though they may love me to death that they don’t show their emotions as much. Everyone wants to be extra cool, extra hard – you know what I’m saying?

Erm… kind of. So you love the UK but have you been sight seeing at all?

No man I haven’t had the time.

That’s a shame; we had a big Dome thing open and everything. If you had the chance though, where would you go?

The zoo man! I love the zoo. I want to see the tigers and lions man, I really want to see the different kinds of animals they have over here.

The last album you released, ‘Konvict,’ was dope! Music wise, what are you doing now?

Just working on some new acts; Brick and Lace are releasing their new single ‘Love Is Wicked’ and we’re doing some promo in the UK for them.

How’s your diamond mining business going?

Pretty well thanks. I have managers running it for me so I don’t have to be there all the time.

Not worried that they will steal your merchandise?

No man [he laughs]. They are trustworthy.

How will you be finishing off 2007?

By coming up with another Konvict album. It’s produced by me and T-Pain. There are going to be loads of collaborations – it’s mad.

COLLABORATIONS! Can we get a couple of names?

Can’t say – It’s going to be a surprise.

Oh get off it! I’ll have a review copy in my hands in a couple of months and I’ll be writing a review on it – so people are going to find out soon anyways.

There are no review copies going out [he laughs]. The reviews will be by the fans.

We’ll see. If you had to chose, would you rather produce or sing?

I love both but if I had to choose, I’d produce because it’s something that I love a bit more than singing.

If you could make a beat for anyone, who would it be?

Elvis Presley and Flava Flave.

What do you think of his show (Flavour of Love)? What do you think of New York? Is she a bitch for real?

[He laughs] Nergh… it’s obviously an act. But I heard Delicious is releasing an album. My favourite girl would have to be Hoopz because she is such a sexy girl.

And finally… do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a mean cook!

What’s your specialty?

Sorry dude – I’m taking all my recipes to the grave with me!


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