Mathew Street Festival OFF

If you haven't it already heard, it was announced today the Mathew Street Festival has been cancelled.

There are many local people angered by this: “The giant waste of time turned out to be the white elephant we always thought it was. The core of everything that was cheesy and outdated about Liverpool culture may finally may not be terrorizing the poor naive tourists with Merseybeat.”

And; “Surely back when the Beatles were famous they were cutting edge, so Liverpool should be focusing on the cutting edge rather than 29 different Beatles tribute bands, Led Zepellin bands and Queen bands.”

A man said; “It's all comedy.”

And: “Liverpool can start gathering its flabby corporate ass around. Liverpool the brand. Coca Cola! Ford! Sony! and Liverpool! At least LFC's doing well, but thats owned by Americans!”

More important than the bank holiday weekend that the 100,000 families and friends yearly enjoy together, usually in the baking heat, is the loss of opportunity for local bands that were due to play the various outdoor stages, although already organisers had tried to move many of the stages to indoor venues across the town due to the lack of space around the city caused by the high volume of construction sites and falling cranes.

Liverpool in its 800th birthday was looking very scant for celebrating such a momentous occasion and the Matthew Street Festival was 'supposed' to the be the bare bones event that was going to drag Liverpool through the celebrations and for some reason not even the people organising Liverpool's regeneration knew about it. A lot of very pissed off people here today.

Capital of Culture run by idiots, more candles added to the icy cake of disaster.

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