Alex Turner Side Project

Arctic Monkey Alex Turner is set to record an album with close friend and The Rascal's member, Miles Kane. The pair have been 'buddies' since Kane's last band, The Little Flames, supported the Monkeys' jaunt around thecountry just before they hit the big time, with Turner frequently being seen in a 'The Littles Flames' t-shirt since then.

Furthermore, Kane played guitar on the Monkeys' recently released second album, 'Favourite WorstNightmare, and often joins them when they play the song '505' live. The pair are set to travel to France in the next few weeks for recordingsessions, with Kane telling that: “We're there for two weeks andwe're going to try to get the majority of it done. James Ford is producingit and is going to play drums, he's a really boss drummer.

Me and Al will do all the bass and guitar and vocals, and try to the get the bulk of it donein two weeks. We're going to record it quite live to tape I think. Thenwhenever we've got weekends off at the same time we'd like to get some strings on it and probably do all that back home. That's the plan anyway”.

As yet, there is no name for the project and the official release is notexpected until at least early 2008. Until then, Turner will be concentrating on writing the next Arctic Monkeys' record, with Kane recording The Rascals'debut EP, due out in October.

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