Paul Weller/ Graham Coxon - This Old Town
Album Review

Paul Weller/ Graham Coxon – This Old Town

I will surely rile many by stating from the outset that I never got the whole Paul Weller thing. Of course, he’s been in some classic bands down the years and thus cemented his place in most halls of musical fame, but has he really ever been a solo maestro? Not for me. He’s over rated. Big time.

Every time I hear a new Paul Weller single, it reminds me of the last and will probably remind me of the next. It never seems to even attempt to open any new musical doors. I wonder if Paul Weller even listens to his music anymore?

This collaboration with Graham Coxon is music by numbers. It wants to be a festival classic but it’s more of a theme tune to ‘Friends 2’. It’s filled from the outset with the usual multilayered guitars and live ‘edgy’ drums but it all feels a tad hollow and pointless. On this form, Coxon and Weller are in danger of becoming the next Chas ‘n’ Dave. A Chas ‘n’ Dave who can’t get gigs.

But all is not lost Mr. Weller. Go down the shops and buy yourself ‘In Your Honor’ by Foo Fighters. Stick on the acoustic album and have a listen to that bad boy if you want to get some inspiration.

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