The Get Set Go - Something Happened EP
Album Review

The Get Set Go – Something Happened EP

Glaswegians have always been renowned for being a little eccentric. Bearing that in mind let me introduce you to the new eccentrics, four-piece pop-punk band, The Get Set Go.

All taking to the vocals; Davie Mitchell (Guitar), Craig Dixon (Bass), Jason Sweeney (Drums) and Nic Denholm (Organ), The Get Set Go are set to flummox our banal ‘cut and paste’ indie scene with their debut release the EP “Something Happened”.

Fuelled with pop tomfoolery and warped psychedelic sounds, their 4-track EP begins with ‘Bella Beyondo’. Clearly fun and just downright bizarre, it is catchy and simple. What’s not to love!? Their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and erratic style carries a definite early-Super Furry Animals feel to them. ‘Oh Grief!’ is my favourite on this EP, happens to be the closest to Graham Coxon as they could possible get without being done for nicking his awk-rock sound. Purely pop-punktastic.

‘A Catholic Taste’ is rock’n’roll mutiny gone mad and utterly disturbing, but fundamentally class nonetheless. The genre-defining Get Set Go boys find something original from mixing up so many varying influences; giving us with ‘Something Happened’. Still quality indie pop-punk at the end of the day, we’re finally led into their rather radically deformed yet sweetly innocent bonus track. I’m telling you, it’ll knock you speechless.

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