Interview With Mike Patton

Mike Patton is a prolific artist, owing to his twenty seven albums with Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Peeping Tom and others I’m sure to have missed, over last twenty two years! With at least 50 collaborations with other artists, vocals for the computer game ‘The Darkness’, a score for upcoming movie ‘Pinion’ and running of record label Ipecac since 1999, he’s been one busy guy!

His latest eclectic project Peeping Tom has seen MP working alongside various artists like Amon Tobin, Norah Jones, Kool Keith and Dub Trio. 2007 sees MP involved with at least four different albums including Massive Attacks ‘Weather Underground’.

AS: WHO amidst the myriad of artists you’ve worked with has been your favourite to collaborate with?

MP: I can't pick a favorite. It would hurt too many feelings. But I guess if you forced me I would say Chris Martin from Coldplay.

AS: WHERE do you go when it all gets too much?

MP: To the best restaurant I can find, dressed like a member of parliament.

AS: WHAT most entices you into getting involved with any of the many projects I’m sure you’re offered?

MP: Uh, the music? Or the CASH!!!!!!!

AS: WHY did you go for Firecracker? (MP starred as two key characters Frank and David alongside Karen Black in this 2005 multi award winning, David Lynch style film).

MP: Seemed like a cool script with a cool director. And I’ve wanted to try acting for some time. Oh, and a ton of CASH!!!!!

AS: WHEN can we expect the next Lovage LP? (2001 album with Dan the Automator, Jennifer Charles and Kid Koala and featuring Damon Albarn, Afrika Bambaataa and Prince Paul). I heard it being hinted at on U.S Loveline radio, when you were in the studio with Rahzel.

MP: I hope in late 2008. If not it will be early 2009.

From his hazy days of eating trash or drinking spit and urine (thrown along with injury causing broken bottles) from any given live crowd, disrupting MTV live shows and generally stirring it up without restrain, to writing his upcoming Italian 50s and 60s pop opera LPs and rubbing shoulders with many a celebrity, MP has pretty much done it all. I’m sure he’ll relentlessly continue to push those boundaries though!

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