Asobi Seksu - Thursday
Album Review

Asobi Seksu – Thursday

Taking just one look at Asobi Seksu is probably not enough to convince you of the sound she is able to produce. Along with a pure-angelic voice, comes cracking, up-beat alternative music. Take Arcade Fire’s music to grasp an idea of how Thursday might sound.

A thick texture of instruments compliments her sweet voice so well. Track two on her debut single is actually a lot more what this country’s music scene needs to be listening to. Although not sung in English, think early No Doubt or Blondie. That punk vibe floats all the way through whilst Asobi sounds anything but rebellious.

We are crying out for a new female, rock goddess who can actually sing. Forget Lily Allen, and Kate Nash, Asobi Seksu is in town.

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