Rushmore Climb A Mountain

Neil and Ed Ormandy come from a musical family. Brought up on The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, music is part of every waking moment for this pair of brothers on the rocky road to greatness.

'For the music we're doing now, we've gone back to those roots, to bands like Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and The Eagles. It's a clean sound, and we've shied away from big, over-driven effects. We've added a few textures and layers, but we've kept the acoustic feel of our demos so that everything sounds real.'

Picked up busking on the streets of Camden. The passer-by, an American by the name of Craig Silvey, just happened to be the man who had produced the first Magic Numbers album. With his senses already primed for a band who could offer a similar blend of close harmonies and effervescent songwriting, he was immediately taken by Rushmore.

The demos made with Silvey found their way to Mercury Records, who were so impressed that they gave them the funds to take their music on the road. At this point, Ed and Neil recruited bassist James Sims and drummer Adam Falkner, and began to make inroads on the London live scene.

Rushmore have supported Paolo Nutini, James Morrison and Keith Urban on their UK tours. The 4 musicians gelled so well on stage, that at last, as a 4-piece, Rushmore are on the point of getting recognition for an eight year struggle and a roller coaster ride of rejection and lucky breaks.

Tuesday, September 11 presents Rushmore plus Guests
at Rio's, Leeds.
Tickets £5.00 Doors 8pm

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