Bearsuit - More Soul Than Wigan Casino
Album Review

Bearsuit – More Soul Than Wigan Casino

After thinking long and hard about whether I actually enjoyed this song, or the band, I came to my conclusion…I don’t. I trawled web pages and other reviews of Bearsuit to prove to myself that I was right about them. That they just sound like three year olds bashing on the nursery’s instrument collection. How wrong could I have been? Everybody loves this eccentric band, but I just don’t understand why. You either need to be completely and utterly off your face on some sort of drug or just mental to enjoy this song.

However I found on reviewer who would be on my side; ‘theirs is a sound born or borderline psychosis, not the hacking out of a curvy melody. Quite rightly put.

Ok, so my opinion doesn’t speak for the rest of the universe but what sort of attraction does, shouting at random intervals, a droning voice hidden by the huge noise supposed to be called music, actually have? It doesn’t have any.

What annoys me the most is that the title of this song is very deceiving. All right so Wigan Casino didn’t have as much souls as some of the great soul clubs such as the Twisted Wheel, but it certainly had more than BEARSUIT!

But I can see what they have done here, they have taken one of the greatest memories of all time, in the history of music and drugs (Wigan Casino) and THE greatest music genre (soul) and used it as their title to lure you in, making you think you will be listening to some great track, but once you play it you realise you were wrong and so you have then been exposed to the six piece Norwich mental music band and slowly your ears begin to bleed…

This song is utterly disappointing. So music lovers, don’t waste your time and Bearsuit, get back to your day job and give us all a bit of space to listen to some decent music.

I’ll have to stop now, my head hurts.

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