Interview with Herzoga

Herzoga are a Stoke on Trent three piece flashback to the likes of Talking Heads who’ve been compared, fairly or otherwise to Sonic Youth and Pavement. After hearing their only (split) single to date, a two tracker on Org Records, I thought they might want to say a few words as they did on the Subculture show for BBC Radio Stoke back in May of this year

AS: WHO would you most like to take down, mid concert, with your sniper rifle?

H: (Steve) – Too many people, not enough bullets! (Matt) – If I was going to do it. I’d do it properly! I’d have a sniper guitar made so that I could entertain people whilst carrying out my dastardly deed. Then I’d invite Richard Dawkins down, and whilst he was a-bopping to our wrongpop delights I’d get all Lee Harvey Oswald on his ass! He’s as much a proselytising myth-making twit as the religious “nuts” to whom he’s so opposed.

AS: WHERE do you enjoy playing live the most?

H: Home-town gigs are always great, although we enjoy playing the Moles club in Bath, it’s got a nice atmosphere and great sound.

AS: WHAT makes you better than everyone else?

H: Well, I’m loath to give it the whole Gallagher ‘taking over the world’ swagger, but I reckon our tunes stand up against anyone’s. A lot of bands seem to focus just on a sound or arrangement rather than actually bothering to write something catchy. We’ve got a fucking great sound and the tunes to back it up. We call our sound wrongpop (slightly weird music with great tunes). You may have heard that phrase elsewhere, but rest assured we invented it. You have to hear it to believe it. Oh, and did I mention we’re rather good live, too?

AS: WHY the name?

H: It kind of fits the music and makes us more appealing to that all important eastern European music market! We’re going to crack Latvia this year!

AS: WHEN do you plan to take over the world?

H: Next Tuesday, just after lunch or maybe after tea before bedtime.

Thanks for your time Herzoga, enjoy your wrongpop career.

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