The Deirdres - 4 track demo
Album Review

The Deirdres – 4 track demo

Adorned with hand drawn things that boys like including beer, bikes, cars and tools to suitably accentuate the hand written tracklisting, this Deirdres demo CD wears its charm filled art on its sleeve as much as it does in its heart of sonic substance! I demanded, yes demanded a copy at their recent and awe inspiring gig at Junktion 7, when they supported fellow freaksters Bearsuit. And gleefully, my demands were met! Here then is my report!

Opening the magical twelve minutes of music with ‘Fun to Pretend’, they lull us into a false sense of serene slumber before kicking in with what they call poor harmonies and communal clapping! And I have to admit, I’m a believer too! There’s such character and charisma that exists between the multi layered and lackadaisical efforts, it’s hard to ignore and then…OH! ‘I push backwards through the crowd…’escalates from a monotone one man mumble to a special (I think it’s fair to say) and collective choral climax. Simply sublime!

‘Electro Magic’ contrasts from the previous track almost entirely with a Bontempi style keyboard beat that supports a New Order worthy guitar piece and intermittent vocals telling tales of amongst other things, long, funny looking, snow covered lashes! I know, genius!

‘Shoop Shoop’ is classic bubble gum pop toned down by an intentionally mediocre vocal. I guess there was a clue in the title! Predominant YA YA YA YA-ing and feeble guitar playing stamp this track with the Deirdres trademark. Above all else, it’s such good energetic and enjoyable jamming!

Live track ‘Sir Michael of Aspel’ follows and is about what you might guess it is about! Paying both tribute to the man himself whilst ridiculing the mythical aspects of his persona at the very same briefly crazy! Hell, they’ve even got me talking shit about him!

And that’s just about enough to leave you literally gagging for more! Watch out for the LP because it won’t be massive like the inner entertainment value its sure to hold! Like the Deirdres say themselves, ‘resistance is frowned upon’. By any ear donning people for sure!

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