Yogi Lonich - Metta
Album Review

Yogi Lonich – Metta

Yogi Lonich has been something of the perennial side man up until now, having worked alongside the likes Axl Rose, Slash and Kid Rock over the years and currently touring as Chris Cornell’s guitarist. But his first solo effort, Metta, threatens to finally thrust him into the limelight.

Though the former Buckcherry and The Wallflowers guitarist is known for his skill with six strings, Metta is no place for solos paying homage to Page and Hendrix. Metta means “loving kindness” – certainly there is an air of lullabic quietness throughout, his hushed tones conveying more power and reflection than any scream could muster. A word to the wise though – his skill with arrangements and tone is not matched lyrically, lines like “my second dose of cherry flavoured you” in ‘Second Dose’ demanding poignancy for their imagery rather than actually inspiring it. The limelight it seems, is only threatened after all.

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