The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance
Album Review

The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance

Injecting a sense of fun into The Chemical Brothers sound.

With the help of Fat Lip from The Pharcyde and erm… Sammy the Salmon, The Chems have produced a light hearted romp of a song that is a slight departure from some of their dance floor ready heavy hitters that have carried a darkness about them.

On the surface, The Salmon Dance appears to be part instructional, part educational. Learn to dance like a salmon floating upstream by sticking your arms to one side and wiggling your body and also learn a few facts about the behavioural patterns of the salmon, all this is backed by a pulsing beat, interjected with all manner of bleeps and whistles that were probably meticulously manufactured in Tom and Ed’s studio despite their haphazard throwaway sound.

And if there’s any justice, people in clubs all other the world will be sticking their arms out, wiggling their bodies and doing the salmon dance.

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