Hornblower Brothers, my friend:

What a palaver. Just as the most summery pop band in the history of indie music comes along to blow our flowery socks off, it pisses it down all summer. Typical bloody England. But, hell, who needs the sun to celebrate summer? Do you think the Beach Boys, on a cold windy day, ever thought ‘actually, fuck this summery shit’? No, and for that reason, despite the lack of sun, we should all embrace The Hornblower Brothers, whatever the weather.

The Halifax-come-Brighton-via-Leicester consortium that makes up The Hornblower Brothers first came together back in 2005. As Nat, singer and guitarist in the band, explains, “At first it was just a bit of fun, an excuse for Al [also guitar & vocals] and myself to make a racket in my bedroom”. Both Al & Nat grew up together in Halifax – not exactly known for it’s hub of raw music talent. After forming the band, Nat went off to Leicester Uni, whilst Al took himself down to Brighton.

Although they wracked up a hell of a bill with National Rail, Nat believes that being hundreds of miles away helped the process of the bands: “In some ways that distance was beneficial, because it meant we weren't on top of each other all the time”. Not literally, you’ll be happy to hear. With Al down in Brighton, he managed to get a few pals on board; James, Gary & Anthony. Now they had a proper band and a proper live show.

Playing at Leicester’s Sumo venue supporting Video Nasties in April, the Way Out West (London label & promoters) guys were very impressed with what they saw, booking them to play the May Transparent night in the capital. Supporting the hyper-hyped Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man, the gig was a huge success and the boys signed up to two more London shows earlier this month. Nat has mixed feelings about the gigs just gone: “The first gig was rubbish because the soundman was off his face so we sounded awful. They put us on at half past midnight and the only people who stuck around would clearly have prefered to listen to some drum n bass”. The second night was hosted by uber-trend-setters Young & Lost: “the gig in Shoreditch was good, but my attempts to seduce the Y&L girls were unsuccessful”. They’ll be back when he’s earning big bucks.

So now they are set to release the debut single ‘Android With A Heart’: a slab of gorgeous melodic pop music, it’s skippy and catchy, with heart warming harmonies; exactly what we need when the sun finally puts it hat on. Set for release on Way Out West records, it’s clear they’ve come on leaps and bounds from making ‘a racket’ in Nat’s room. Does this mean they will be selling their souls to make a quick dollar? Hell no: “It’s the DIY ethic that keeps music alive, and saves us from the Kaiser Chiefs’ and Snow Patrol’s of this world”. Here, here, Nathaniel, here, here.


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