The Fiction - The Fiction-EP
Album Review

The Fiction – The Fiction-EP

London based group, The Fiction’s new self-titled E.P made its way to me a couple of weeks ago. With that offbeat Ska influence, they certainly seem a band with an enticing and attractive sound.

A good structure and rhythm to their songs makes them a good band. Only good though. Underground Song lets this E.P down so unbelievably much. The chorus is exciting and catchy, even the beginning riff gets your toes tapping but the verses just let it down. The song loses that fun, edgy feeling and so a talky/shouty kind of singing and just a dry tapping sound of the drums replaces any kind of decent music.

The lyrics are nothing to be desired and quite frankly it just seems like they stuck The Jam on one day and thought ‘I know, lets write a song about the word underground’!

The best song on here is, ‘Thames Beat’, it has what it takes to become a classic, although it does seem to be missing a little something.

On the whole this is a good E.P with the potential to take them to higher places although they don’t seem quite ready yet.

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