Mattfix on the Save Darfur Project

How can Mick Jagger, Mark Knopfler and Ronnie Woods along with a handful of Hollywood’s hottest darlings including Matt Damon, George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson possibly be associated with the somewhat below radar, London based band Mattafix?

Well, like the aforementioned superstars, the duo with just the one hit (2005's Big City Life) under their belts have been doing their bit for Darfur in Sudan, currently home of the worlds largest concentration of human suffering. Not to dwell on the matter, I asked some more relevant, music related questions. (I’ve included a link at the foot of this page for those who want to find out more).

AS: WHO has influenced and shaped your sound the most?

M: It’s hard to say really. Probably our environment if that counts as a ‘who’. We get inspired by all sorts of crazy subject matter. ‘Massive Attack’ were a revelation for both of us musically, with their thumping beats and angelic melodies. People have compared us with them, which is flattering but not entirely accurate.

AS: WHERE have you been since 2005?

M: On a world tour. We’ve been taking our time with this second album I admit. We played in over 30 countries last year which was incredible for us. We wrote most of our new album on the road, so to us it feels like we’ve always been here. I guess in the UK we went quiet though!

AS: WHAT interaction, if any, did you have with Scarlett Johansson? (Would you? Could you? Did you?)

M: We’ve never met her unfortunately. And, as low as we are, using a charity project to solicit sexual relations with someone would be totally out of order. We’d get rejected anyway!!

AS: WHY the name?

M: It means problem solved. I grew up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where people used to say it a lot. It’s a name that gets people asking questions which I like. My school principle was a big influence in my life and I credit her with saving my education and my life really. She used to say it at assembly a lot. She was an inspirational woman. Tragically she died in a car accident a couple of years ago. I feel like ‘Mattafix’ is my way of saying thank you to her.

AS: WHEN your new LP 'Rhythm & Hymns' comes out on November 12th, will it hold many surprises for your fans?

M: I hope so. We’re both so proud of it. We’ve made the record we wanted to and that’s not always easy.
Attains’ CD single ‘Living Darfur’ is released October 22nd and is available digitally now, so as to coincide with both the Global Day for Darfur back on September 16th and the world’s leaders meeting at the re-opening of the United Nations General Assembly on the 24th.

*All artist royalties from this single will be donated to Oxfam, Crisis Action, and the Save Darfur Coalition to support their work in Darfur. The song and its Paul Weiland produced / directed video are a small token of respect for the Darfuri people and the Darfur campaigners to use for their and the campaign’s benefit.

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Find out more about the Sudanese crisis @ link

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