The Delta Fiasco - Paperhouse
Album Review

The Delta Fiasco – Paperhouse

As expected from their promising performance at the Knowsley Hall Music Festival this year, The Delta Fiasco show with their debut single that they have the same feeling driven and slightly languid projection of contemporaries Air Traffic and to a lesser extent, The Editors. However, it is the sharp digital toe that sticks out for this Liverpudlian trio. Lyrically speaking, ‘Paperhouse’ is made more accessible by neat nursery rhyme referencing, adding a touch of excitement to this life-weary tale.

When they resort to a more pronounced guitar and drum approach for B-side ‘The Actor’, the range seems to disappear and Nathan Walczak fails to use his heart-laden vocals to commanding effect. That said, it is an intriguing prospect to see how The Delta Fiasco have used the full-length format in their forthcoming debut album, to fully convey the potential broadness that their live shows indicate they are capable of?

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