Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man - Party In The Van
Album Review

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Party In The Van

The [Spunge] spirit seems to have taken over Manchester’s dysfunctional punk quartet, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man (ROTPM), since their last raw and ripping self released album. This is in the sense of their independent minded approach to punk production and band promotion. Having recently completed a tour of the UK and regularly hosting punk showcases in Manchester, as well as penning an irreverent and informative Zine; That’s Not Skanking.

This sauntering six track offering is a reaction to their months on the road that has seen them lose their guitarist; Liam, a spot that has just been filled Matt Woods (any Gizmo fans will recall that name instantly). Musically, they have certainly expanded atmospherically and it is going to be a challenge for Woods to adjust to this. Sub-two minute opener ‘Awful, Awful Business’, uses their new approach to build up to their controlled, Rise Against veined angst and social commentary that bounces off the trundling bass and wiry guitars, promoting the extra grizzle that main vocalist Andy now possesses. Psychobilly and rockabilly fits and starts decorate the more driven aspects on show, ‘Magic Monkey Juice’, as the Tiger Army in ROTPM, clambers out of their pit.

The streetwise, football chant styled, Sham 69 backing approach gives energy and urban ambience to the 90 second tour diary in ripping song form of ‘No Sleep Till Guildford (The Tour Song)’. This back to punk basics song and these six tracks in general, will continue to give momentum to ROTPM’s continuing campaign to bring punk back to the common man and woman.

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