ZZZ - Sound Of ZZZ
Album Review

ZZZ – Sound Of ZZZ

Discovering your new favourite band is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman. Fluke your way into the theatre of performance and do your best not to piss your pants with excitement. At least that’s how it was with Amsterdam’s zZz.

Their sound is epic, a crunchy combination of sequenced loops and gut scraping low end, which bulges and oscillates in the ear. On the organ is Dean, who recreates the feeling of being in a nightmarish circus whilst the head banded Bjorn adds his Beefheartesque vocal and drums.

The mammoth that is ‘O.F.G’ (which probably stands for Oh Fuck, its God!) whirls infinitely and is worse than that party when you ate far too may space cakes and fell off a shed. ‘LaLaLa’ sounds like the Inspiral Carpets doing the camp soundtrack to an episode of Batman whilst ‘Hammerhead’ and ‘Uncle Sam’ are similar slices of revolving insanity.

Could well be the perfect music to play whilst making love to a beautiful woman.

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