Kid Acne - Worst Luck
Album Review

Kid Acne – Romance Ain’t Dead

Ever wondered what a bearded Jason Lytle fronting a South Yorkshire born Beastie Boys covering the career of The Macc Lads or Arctic Monkeys would sound like?

Me neither, but surely Kid Acne has the look, the sound and hey, even the balls to pull it off! The beard is there, the heavily accented mouth is there and so is the attitude. But does it work? It did for Goldie Lookin’ Chain, so why on earth not!

The 11 track ‘Romance ain’t Dead’ is over after a half hour long blaze of beats and bionic big gobbing! The music is less sophisticated than that of the Beasties, the sample enriched vocals are a little monotonous and the lyrics are, as you might expect, every bit as naughty as they can afford to be, as they reflect a rich life lead in sunny South Yorkshire.

The albums highlight is easily track 8 ‘South Yorks’ and its clever and effective sampling of Boogie Down Productions ‘South Bronx’. Nice! Owing to the length of this LP, I can only hope its widely available for £6.99 or some budget range price like that ‘cause that’s a sure way of either losing fans or money! But to finish, I have to say that Kid Acne has indeed got it goin’ on, he’s all that and yes he’s dope(y)!

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