The Nash - Kicks and Glory
Album Review

The Nash – Kicks and Glory

Some of the best music of all time has been played by bands who have gelled together, grown together, and learned to take there individual talents and create something great.

The Nash have that ‘band’ vibe, something record companies try to engineer-putting bands in remote retreats or far flung places were they are forced to work with each other.

There is nothing contrived within The Nash’s sound, there is however a hint of Americana, ‘Turn to plastic’ will please Weezer followers-but this neither supports or harms the Nash’s sound as it’s just varied enough to dodge easy comparison pitfalls. The Nash are enjoying themselves here, and the smell of huddled amps and various music making paraphernalia, strewn across a small recoding studio floor is all over this album.

Harmonizing their asses off in ‘Feathers’ the Nash have produced a bright and melodic sound, wrapped it in glittering package and delivered it with a punch to the face.

Even the acoustic slow waltz of ‘The lady stone’ shares a drink with you as the album relaxes, but by know means slows down.

Instantly accessible and operating on the level of simple enjoyment and compelling songwritring The Nash will have a pre-made fan base set to go and ready for a good time-which is exactly what the Nash are.

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