Michael Fakesch - Dos
Album Review

Michael Fakesch – Dos

The first thing to note about this album is the truly stunning artwork. When people try and figure out why the public still purchase CDs, when they can download music so easily, the answer can be found in artwork such as this. Beautiful sketches and bright shapes intertwine on every surface of the CD case. Yes, Michael Fakesch is no ordinary pop act, that much is clear just from the wrapping.

As one half of Funkstörung (alongside Chris De Luca), Fakesch has been one of continental Europe’s most prolific producers and remixers since the mid-90s. Funkstörung worked with and remixed everyone from Bjork to the Wu Tang Clan to Jean Michel Jarre. But last summer, a press release announced that the duo had officially broken up due to musical, personal and practical differences. And ‘Dos’ is the result, Fakesch’s first solo album since ‘Marion’ in 1999.

Musically, Fakesch has always been closest to Autechre or Aphex Twin -intelligent electronic dance music. Yet this new album also hints at the pop-funk of Prince, most notably on ‘Complicated’. The bouncing synths of ‘Crest’ are indeed closer to Aphex, or perhaps Anti-Pop Consortium. And ‘Left’ is the most commercial end of Fakesch’s music, approaching some of Mylo’s sounds.

The abiding sense on listening to ‘Dos’ is that Fakesch still has plenty to offer the world of music. But you can guarantee that his future music will be as diverse and… well, futuristic as ever. Oh, and that it’ll come in pretty packaging.

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