Meatloaf ft. Marion Raven - Its All Coming Back To me Now
Album Review

Meatloaf ft. Marion Raven – Its All Coming Back To me Now

This song reminds me of Celine Dion, probably because its a cover of the Canadian crooner. Its a typical Meatloaf-style ballad, but it seems quite lacklustre which is unusual, written by Jim Steinman, it comes from the man behind the Bat out of Hell I and II albums.

Its a decent enough song, with all the usual Meatloaf clichés to keep the fans happy, but its just plain bland in comparison to the Steinman epics that preceded it. Marion Raven is a good singer, she toured with Meatloaf recently on his 3 Bats tour and received a glowing reception. She seems destined to slot neatly into the Dido lead MOR background music. This song is a good tune, but ultimately forgettable, when you hear it on the radio you’ll hum along, but won’t be able to remember any of the words and thats whats fundamentally wrong with it.

Meatloaf songs are best when you sing along at the top of your voice, they’re designed to get you funny looks off people when your air guitar along when stuck in your car at traffic lights and this one will only make you tap your wheel at best. A bland, predictable single of an album thats got much better to offer.

On a brighter note, the B Side (Whore) is very good, reminicent of Real Dead Ringer for Love.

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