The Winston Giles Orchestra - Soundtracks for sunrise
Album Review

The Winston Giles Orchestra – Soundtracks for sunrise

A very chirpy and digestible bit of coffee table music from The Winston Giles Orchestra. If you close your eyes it’s impossible to separate their sound from that of Lemon Jelly. It’s contemplative trip hop music with lots of dreamy, psychedelic vocal samples and arpeggiated acoustic guitars. It’s nothing new, but it represents the continued resurgence of and interest in the break beat genre of music that was tossed to the wayside a few years ago when everyone decided that there was no point in listening to anything other than Indie music.

It’s hard to pinpoint a particular track that inspires as it’s more of an album than a group of singles. It has a sort of reassuring tone throughout, like the nice part of a drug binge, before the onset of anxiety and paranoia.

That said, All Come Together is a nice microcosm of the album, with its optimistic synths and general positivity.

All in all, it’s well worth a listen if you’ve misplaced your Lemon Jelly collection – and even if you haven’t.

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