Celebration - The Modern Tribe
Album Review

Celebration – The Modern Tribe

With the promo sleeve depicting semi-naked dancing ladies and what might be a solitary dove surrounded by psychedelic trance graphics, the only thing stopping me overlooking this album were its enticing song titles. So what did ‘The Modern Tribe’ by Baltimore band Celebration (what the music is supposed to be) hold in store?

It’s been difficult trying to identify their unique sound on this, their 2nd David Sitek (TV on the Radio) produced album and the closest I can come to giving an impression of it is this…
Celebration are like a combination of Natural Life and The Cocteau Twins and making their home at 4AD seems an appropriate choice with their somewhat cock-eyed sound! And it’s hardly surprising they sound like they do.

Sean Antanaitis can often be witnessed playing sequencers, drum machines, keys and guitar whilst stepping out the bass parts with his feet on an organ pedal board accompanied by Katrina Ford, the bands unique and emphatic, flamenco loving vocalist, who does all she can to engage any audience put before her and Celebration. Last but not least thankfully we have a real life drummer in David Bergander, relieving the soulless drum machine of its effective duties from time to time.

As for this album, it’s enjoyable throughout but offers no memorable or standout tracks amongst the full set it offers. It’s refreshingly unique, carnival worthy sounds that rise and fall appropriately with each and every oddly composed song and their ever changing moods. Try it, you might like it and if you don’t like it try it, you might like it.

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