Interview with Robyn

Glasswerk's heart skipped a beat when we caught up with Swedish electro pop princess Robyn.

As founder and CEO of her self-promoting record label Robyn releases her latest single ‘Handle Me’ on Oct 29th. A joint venture with Island records Konichiwa Records saw her previous chart topping single ‘With every Heartbeat’ and the massive attention it attracted threw Robyn into the spotlight, which is now something of a regular feature for her. Anyone who thinks she’s just another soppy girl singer should check out her track ‘Konichiwa Bitches‘. Hell, just check it out anyway!

AS: With whom would you most like to collaborate?

R: Collaborations are all about chemistry and the thought of going into the studio with someone and not clicking, well, you never know, it’s enough for me to avoid them.

AS: WHO inspired you most, other than The Knife, to make music?

R: Too many people get hung up on the influence that The Knife had on my sound. But as for others, I would have to say music my parents listened to like Prince, Peter Gabriel, Cyndi Lauper… mostly 80s classics…mainly artists with their own individual and personal sound. Kind of what I’m trying to do. I was raised as part of a theatre family and spent lots of time on stage and on tour with them, right up to leaving school, so their music influenced me most.

AS: WHERE do you go when running your own label and chart topping gets too much?

R: I have a country house just outside Stockholm.

AS: How’s life treated you since the last single?

R: The single snowballed and my life changed quickly. I’m still catching my breath! Sometimes you have to fight for airplay, but thankfully, that single took on a life of its own. Now, I’m touring the world and people have started to recognize me on the street which is weird but obviously nice.

AS: WHAT is your message for any other feisty ladies out there, trying to make it in music?

R: It’s difficult. Try to have fun doing what you want to do, you’ll get there. Don’t compromise or you’ll find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be.

AS: Do you enjoy playing live or are you more at home in a studio?

R: Wherever! Spending my childhood on stage made live performances easier. My job is great though, I love writing, it’s so playful and a nice bubble to be in!

AS: WHY are you so popular now after a decade in the business?

R: I made a great LP! There are 6 or 7 singles on there.

AS: Your career defining dream moment would be what?

R: Starting my ‘Konichiwa Records’ label without doubt. That changed everything for me, personally and professionally.

AS: WHEN your last single hit number 1 in the midweek charts, how did you celebrate?

R: I drank champagne with my brother in Stockholm.

AS: Any upcoming Swedish music / bands worth keeping an eye on, destined for greatness?

R: Peter, Bjorn & John (‘Young Folks’ hit) are making it now, you may’ve heard of them over here. But a lady called Lykke Li who grew up listening to me!

AS: A little protégé of yours than perhaps?

R: I’m sure she listened to other stuff too! She has a real, special voice though and she’s making her record now.

Thanks for your time Robyn.

Robyn is currently touring the world and you can catch her at the below UK venues.

31.10.07 – 8.00pm Audio – Brighton
1.11.07 – 8.00pm The Scala – London
3.11.07 – 8.00pm The Village – Dublin
6.11.07 – 8.00pm Classic Grand – Glasgow
7.11.07 – 8.00pm Stylus – Leeds
8.11.07 – 8.00pm Club Academy – Manchester

For all info go to Robyn's official website: link

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