The Maccabees - Glasgow QMU
Live Review

The Maccabees – Glasgow QMU

Opening band, The New Vinyls do a decent job considering their average age is 18. Cramming themselves on to the small stage, the lead singer is all a-flailing limbs and they play a brand of ambling, trumpet-laden pop, which makes them perfectly suited to entertaining The Maccabees crowd. Next support act, The Envy Corps are rather lacklustre. Treading the rocky progressive rock terrain, they stumble; holding onto that eeking note just a tad too long so that attention wanders.

The Maccabees come onstage to Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” and are met by an adoring throng. From the first to last song of the set, the crowd sang along. You cannot help but be swept along by their charming, oddball stage persona: Orlando Weeks’ microphone hoisting antics and twitches, Hugo White’s cutely menacing hoodie, Robert Dylan Thomas’ apparent elastic arms.
They play an impeccable set, all adorable guitar rifts that you see swirling from the frets and stomping drum beats. Singles like “First Love,” “X-Ray” and “About Your Dress” ring crystal clear. “Precious Time” draws the biggest sing-a-long from the crowd as the band abandon them to their own devices for a minute or so. They ‘bore’ the crowd with two brand new songs, which they neglect to name but which sees Felix White take to lead vocals and Orlando Week’s don an accordion. A raucous version of “Lego” is a joint highlight with current single “Toothpaste Kisses”, the latter being less delicate live with two electric guitars but nevertheless is a beautiful, tender little ditty that showcase Week’s peculiarly mature vocals and whistling prowess at their best.
So put your hands in the air. And make a heart. Because that’s how The Maccabees fans applaud, didn’t you know? And they most definitely heart these boys.

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