Jackpot Golden Boys Live on BBC Radio One

Sometime around 8pm on Sunday night The Jackpot Golden Boys, already Preston's best band, will become Preston's most famous band.

Annie Mac's new show 'Switch' is on BBC Radio One, Sunday nights, so check it out this Sunday as one of the strangest musical phenomenons ever to grace the UK will be live on national radio for the first time where you can hear playback of one of the band's new tracks from their latest record and listen to hostess Annie have a quick chat with the sexy JPGBs.

The Jackpot Golden Boys are smeared all over the internet but you can mainly find a concentrated mss of music and video combined here: link

Switch with Annie Mac is described as;
Featuring the best specialist music, the week’s hottest gossip, and behind-the-scenes news and live tracks from Sound. They’ll be a focus on the big online stories of the week from across the social networking world, featuring hot new tracks, bloggers, vloggers and websites. Annie's army of listeners will actively participate in the show and there will be insider information on everything from Eastenders to World of Warcraft.

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