Nizlopi - Barfly
Live Review

Nizlopi – Barfly, Liverpool

Is there more to Nizlopi than just a ‘Big Yellow Digger’?

Nizlopi are a two piece comprising of Luke Concannon (guitar and vocals) and John Parker (double bass, human beatbox and vocals). A brand of folk infused hip-hop has been entertaining a hardcore following for several years. Their first album, ‘Half These Songs Are About You’ was released in 2004 under the stoutly independent FDM Records, and was generally well received. Despite the duo nature, this album is largely occupied by full band tracks with real drums (instead of John’s beatboxing substitute) and many other instruments.

Tonight’s performance is injected with a refreshing rawness and simplicity, a distinct contrast from their album which has a feel of being a tad over-produced. Nizlopi’s songs are stripped down to the true essence of their folk/hip-hop sound. Dipping into their repertoire of politically charged love songs, they create a gospel-like sing along in the Barfly. Momentum gains pace, performing the delightfully crafted ‘Glastonbury’ from their latest EP ‘ExtraOrdinary’ stirs the student crowd into some nonchalant toe tapping. Surprisingly, the crowd is quite meagre considering the popularity generated by their previous number 1 hit ‘JCB’, which was whiskers away from bagging the Christmas top spot last year. No need to worry, a cosy gathering only adds to the intimacy of the gig, with the twosome making several forays into the crowd to play some unplugged ditties.

The boundless energy and unconventional quirkiness of the show was without a doubt a charming formula. On tonight’s evidence Nizlopi are not just a one hit wonder. Whether they will ever top the heady heights of the top ten again remains to be seen.

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