The Rocks - The Game Is Up/Too Much Too Soon
Album Review

The Rocks – The Game Is Up/Too Much Too Soon

There’s The Strokes distorted vocals, a truly hideous band name and a guy who sings like a cross between Julian Casablancas, Alex Kapranos and Ryan Jarman so there really isn’t a great deal of innovation going on here but it doesn’t matter a tit when they’ve got songs as big and chantable as this.

‘The Game Is Up’ sounds huge, like Little Man Tate on the rare occasion when they get it right. It’s typical Friday night indie club stuff that threatens to go horribly Enemy but crucially never does.

‘Too Much Too Soon’ has all the catch of the Kooks just with a bit more bollock behind it and with the NME already taking them to New York for a gig or two the Londoners could be massive soon.

Are they trying too hard? Have they got anything to say? Are they just massive Cribs fans? Who gives a shit, this is really good and very soon The Rocks could be great.

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