Motion City Soundtrack - Manchester Academy 2
Live Review

Motion City Soundtrack – Manchester Academy 2

Motion City Soundtrack take Manchester by a total synth pop-storm on their first of two rescheduled dates.

Zolof, a girl fronted rock band have had a lot of hype behind them, but personally I couldn’t see what the fuss was about. They were good, but nothing special, and I don’t really know if they’ll make that much of an impression on the British public. Straylight Run, the second support band, are unfortunately, one of those bands that I absolutely love on record but are so utterly boring live. The best word to describe their performance is “disappointing”.

Motion City Soundtrack are one of those bands that should be one hell of a lot bigger than they are. Their first album, “I am the Movie” of which they played two songs, was jam packed full of exciting songs, their second album, “Commit This To Memory”, was even more popular, and took up most of the set, interspersed with an absolutely incredible third and their latest album, “Even If It Kills Me”. The crowd were really into the entire set, many singing along to the new songs, screaming along to the old, crowd surfing and many people just sitting on people’s shoulders just getting involved in the atmosphere and preparing to dance! It is the second time I’ve seen them in Manchester, and it was just as good, and it gets better every time. When they come back over next I’d advise you to go join the party!

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