The Live UK Summit

On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th October The Embassy Club on old Burlington St, Mayfair, London will be taken over by XFM, Virtual Festivals and Stylish Riots for the LIVE UK SUMMIT. With a fantastic range of performers lined up expect diversity and wild partying.

Tuesday 23rd October:
Kennedy (10.30pm)
Viva Machine (9.45pm)
The Thirst (9.00pm)
Electric City (8.15pm)
More TBC

Wednesday 24th October:
Will Kevans (single launch) 9.00pm
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man, (8.15pm)
George Pringle (7.45pm)
Luke Pickett (7.15pm)
DJs: Stylish riots

Doors: 7pm, Free Entry, Open to the public as well as industry delegates.

Info below: link

Embassy London website: link
Tel: 0870 240 5436

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